How to Hang String Lights from the Ceiling

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Update time : 2021-03-01 11:50:51

String lights are useful although decorating almost the holidays, besides during you can too employ them to add mild light to any room at your home. Hanging the lights from your ceiling can add a pleasure create constituent and assist brighten up your space. There are many different patterns you can attempt when you lay up your lights, such although a zig-zag, a silly outline, or a wall design. when you’re finished putting up your lights, your space will feel comfortable and cozy!

1. Making a Zig-Zag Pattern

1) standard your room and choose how far apart to space your lights. employ a tape standard to detect the length and width of the room where you need to hang your lights. Once you learn the dimensions, choose the distance you need to gorge among your anchor points at the ceiling. if you lay them closer together, you’ll want to employ more lights besides during your room will be brighter.
  • For example, if you need a mild light throughout your total room, choose to space your lights 2–3 ft (61–91 cm) apart from one another.
  • String lights can be purchased from hardware and family create stores.

2) hang the first hook from your ceiling total the outlet you’re using. emerge although small removable adhesive clips or hooks that you can lay onto your ceiling without damaging it. site your first hook direct at your energy outlet hence you gorge an simple site to plug it in. transfer the adhesive backing from your clip and periodical it onto the ceiling although 30 seconds.
  • If you don’t need a division of your string lights hanging down your wall to the outlet, attempt running the lights down a side of your room or using an extension cord.
  • If you need a more eternal lighting solution or if you gorge a popcorn ceiling, acquire clips that you can easily nail into your ceiling instead.
  • If you gorge a descend ceiling, site the hook at one of the supports instead of at the tiles.

3) space the hooks along the edge of your ceiling. Install the crack of your hooks along the length of the wall at the distance you chose earlier. periodical the adhesive backing onto your ceiling and contain it at site although at least 30 seconds hence it’s secure. occupation out from your first hook towards the edges of your room hence you gorge even spacing among them.

4) Offset the hooks at the other wall by half the distance among your hooks. detect the point at the opposite phase of your room that lines up with your first hook. Instead of placing your hook direct at row with the one at the other phase of the room, confront it at by half of the distance you’re using. That way, your lights will figure the zig-zag figure at your ceiling. Install the crack of the hooks along the ceiling, working towards the edges of your room.
  • For example, if you spaced your hooks 2 ft (61 cm) at the first wall, offset the hooks at the other phase of your room by 1 ft (30 cm).

5) string the lights tightly among the hooks. initiate from the hook closest to your outlet. flow the lights along your ceiling to the other phase along the length of your ceiling. when you arrive a hook, draw the lights tight and coil the string once almost the hook. outline working at a zig-zag figure until you’ve covered your total ceiling.
  • If you need a more relaxed emerge to your lights, rent them hang down slightly from the ceiling instead of pulling them tight.

2. Outlining Your Ceiling with string lights

1) site hooks almost the edge of your ceiling each 2 ft (61 cm). employ adhesive-backed cable hooks hence you don’t break your ceiling still hanging your lights. transfer the backing from the hook and periodical it onto the ceiling although 30 seconds until it’s secure. get adding hooks almost your room at 2 ft (24 in) intervals.
  • If you gorge a popcorn ceiling, you can too employ clips that nail into your ceiling instead.

2) initiate hanging your lights at an outlet or at a corner. Plug your lights into the outlet hence you learn how much of the string needs to hang down your wall. if you need to get your lights more discrete, flow the lights down a side of your room and to the outlet. Once they’re plugged in, coil the string lights once almost the first hook to contain them at place.
  • Some of your string lights will hang down your wall into the outlet. choose an outlet after a dresser or division of furniture if you need to skin them.

3) flow the lights among the hooks. occupation almost the perimeter of your room, hanging the string lights among each of the hooks. although you arrive each of the hooks, coil the string almost the hook once hence your lights don’t autumn down.
  • If you need a more relaxed emerge to your room, rent your string lights dangle from the hooks loosely pretty than pulling them tight.

3. Creating a string light Headboard

1) lay hooks along the edge of your ceiling each 1 ft (30 cm) after your bed. transfer the strip from adhesive-backed cable hooks and periodical it onto your ceiling although at least 30 seconds. This way, you won’t break your ceiling still hanging your lights. space the clips 1 foot (30 cm) apart from one another.
  • If you gorge a popcorn ceiling or need a eternal solution, employ clips that nail into the rafters.

2) site clips 5–6 ft (1.5–1.8 m) beneath the hooks at your ceiling. standard 5–6 ft (1.5–1.8 m) down from the clips at your ceiling and connect adhesive hooks to the wall. This way, the lights are pulLED tight instead of hanging loosely against the wall.
  • Use pushpins at your wall if you don’t care making small holes at your paint.

3) Plug at the string lights and drape them at the first 2 sumit hooks. Plug your lights into the nearest outlet and flow them up your wall to one of the sumit clips at too side. contain the string lights tight hence they figure a straight row up your wall. Loop the light string almost the hook once to get it securely at place. flow the lights horizontally to another sumit hook and wrap it at place.
  • If there isn’t an outlet total to the edge, employ an extension cord to acquire them closer.

4) Wrap the lights almost the bottom of 2 of the lower clips. flow your string lights down from the second sumit hook to the clip at your wall direct beneath it. draw the lights tight ago wrapping them almost the clip once ago running it to the next clip over. Loop the lights almost the clip.

5) occupation at an up and down figure along your wall. string the lights from the lower clips uphold up to the ceiling hook. attempt to aim the lights hence they’re hanging down hence you don’t gorge to pin any lights to your ceiling.