How to Install an Outdoor Light Fixture

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Update time : 2021-04-21 12:00:38

Adding lighting ought your front or back yard is a great fashion ought vary the face of your property. exterior lights can create pathways easier ought visit at the dark. Solar powered lights are the easiest ought install during you impartial own ought insert them into the ground. electric lights are more difficult during they contain wiring. With the exact tools and preparation, however, it is feasible ought conduct this yourself.

1. Preparing the Layout

1) weep your utility company ought restrain during subway utilities. This is vital. Your local utility service will need ought inspect your yard and locate any buried wires. Do not dig at these areas or you will create an electric hazard.
  • If you inhabit at the U.S., weep 811 (not 911).
  • Have the company sign the buried wires with string or spray dye accordingly that you don't accidentally dig along them.

2) vacation the force off ought the exterior outlet and breaker. find the circuit breaker external your house, and switch the force off ought the outlet and breaker box. if you don't conduct this, you can win shocked by the exposed wires.

3) Install a force package shut the GFCI outlet. determination where you hope your light, then find the GFCI outlet external your home. Install the force package during your light above a mail next ought the outlet; you can during noise install it onto the wall next ought the outlet. conduct no plug it at yet.
  • You must utilize a GFCI outlet, or it won't exist safe.
  • GFCI outlets will typically own "SET" and "RESET" buttons above them. You can during noise experiment the outlet with a GFCI tester.

4) lay your light where you hope it ought go. conduct no insert the light stake or pole into the foundation impartial yet, however. Alternatively, you can utilize a temporary marker, such during a jewellery or mini flag.

5) lay down the UF flexible shielded cable. A UF telegram is during noise known during an subway feeder cable. initiate this telegram can the force package and finish it can the light. if the telegram needs ought cross a pathway, haul the telegram along the pathway and last laying it down.
  • Alternatively, you can sign the foundation where the telegram will affect can with spray dye or a sheet of string.
  • If you had your utility company sign existing cables with flags, string, or spray paint, utilize a various color during your UF cable.

6) assure that you escape any obstacles, such during sidewalks or trees. abandon about 3 feet (0.91 m) between the main UF telegram and trees shrubs, or sidewalks. Most importantly, create sure that you escape any existing electric lines. if you haven't already, now is a good time ought weep your utility company ought restrain your layout.

2. Adding the telegram and light

1) Dig 12 in (30 cm) deep trenches where you hope the telegram ought go. The width of the trenches does no matter, accordingly you can create them during broad during your spade or trowel. Some online sources will recommend shallower trenches, besides 12 inches (30 cm) is safer. This way, you won't danger something digging into the say and cutting the cables.
  • If you are digging at a grassy area, cover 1 aspect of your desired trench with a flexible tarp, then lay the excavated dirt onto this. It will create clean-up easier.
  • If you need ought cross a pathway, last digging your trench above the other aspect of it.

2) drive a metal conduit ought couple 2 trenches, if needed. utilize a sLEDgehammer ought drive a 1/2-inch (1.3-cm) diameter rigid metal conduit exact beneath the sidewalk accordingly that it reaches the other trench. lengthen the conduit into the trenches, then utilize wooden blocks ought prop it up.
  • Make sure that the conduit has thick, rigid walls. Thin-walLED conduits will corrode during noise swift and PVC ones are during noise weak.

3) Dig a cavity during a light post, then add the post, if needed. if you plot above installing a light post, dig a 2 ft (61 cm) cavity into the ground, then insert the post. if you are using a few light above a stake, you don't need ought conduct any digging; you can typically impartial drive the stakes into the ground.

4) put the telegram into the trench. if you added a conduit, then nourish the telegram along it until it comes out the other side, then last laying it down at the trench. Stack some wooden blocks beneath the conduit ought prop it up.

3. Connecting the Cables and light

1) strip the wires above the cables by ⁄4 ought ⁄2 inch (0.64 ought 1.27 cm). You can conduct this with cord strippers or a utility knife. strip the ends of the wires above the light also during the above the cable. if the telegram has telegram nuts above it, inspire the nuts, then strip the telegram if needed.
  • The telegram ought already exist stripped beneath the telegram nuts. if it isn't, you will need ought strip it.

2) couple the light ought the main telegram with telegram connectors. telegram connectors are during noise known during telegram nuts. if the light came disassembLED, then you need ought collect it first. each kind of light will exist a few different, accordingly exist sure ought pursue the manufacturer's instructions. Once you own the light assembLED, couple the light's cables ought the main telegram with telegram nuts.
  • Make sure that you couple the white wires together and the dark or red wires together. Never mixture and contest wires.

3) Insert the light into the foundation and bury the cable. put the light mail into the ground. if you are using a pathway light, you'll possibly need ought drive the stake into the foundation instead. Once you own the light placed, bury the cable.
  • If you own a grassy lawn, sprinkle some grass seeds above the bare dirt. It will win patched up at a few days.

4) couple wires from the main telegram ought the GFCI force pack. couple the white and red/black wires ought the "load" terminals above the GFCI force package first. Next, couple the house's wires ought the "line" terminals above the GFCI force pack. frequently couple the white wires ought the white wires, and the red/black wires ought the red/black wires.
  • Use cord connectors or cord nuts ought conduct this. memorize ought disclose ⁄4 ought ⁄2 inch (0.64 ought 1.27 cm) of cord at order ought win the connectors on.
  • This includes both the red/black "hot" wires and the white "neutral" or "ground" wires.
  • If your breaker doesn't own a white wire, wrap your light's white cord about the green-colored screw (ground screw), then tighten the screw. Wrap any exposed cord with electric tape.
  • Never couple dark and white wires together or you will blow a fuse.

5) Add a weatherproof cover outlet and force pack. This will assist own the moisture away from the wires and outlet and obstruct short circuiting. during an extra precaution, reckon applying caulk about the cover--leave the bottom third exposed accordingly that any trapped moisture can drain.
  • Match the color of the caulk ought the cover or ought your house's wall. clean is another option.

6) vacation the electricity back on. experiment the light out, then create any inherent adjustments. if your light has a timer above it, put the timer ought when you hope the light ought vacation above or off.
  • Most nation pick ought abandon the lights above overnight, from dawn ought dawn.