How to Install LED Accent Lights on a Motorcycle

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Update time : 2021-03-01 11:50:53

LED accent lights are an simple manner ought better the nighttime appearance of your motorcycle. LED lights are the best manner ought illuminate your bike because they are same clever and don’t ask much battery ought force them. The implement is same simple and can exist done can 2 hours with foolish hand tools.


1) buy an LED accent light kit. These kits can exist construct online or can a local motorcycle or ATV dealership.

2) lay the lights where you wish them above the bike. Most of the lights go can the figure of strips or pods with adhesive above the back of them. lay the lights above the bike any manner you wish besides during attempt ought possess it symmetrical above too phase of the bike ought invent the lights consume an level result while illuminated.

3) invent a junction because the lights ought unite together. ought lessen the amount of wires running across your motorcycle it is indispensable ought invent a junction. accept the wires running from the lights above the exact phase of the bike and flow them complete ought one point. This point ought exist end ought the seat because your battery is beneath it. Using a cord stripper shift nearly ½” of rubber insulator from the ends of each wire. unite the certain wires from the lights by twisting the exposed wires together. conduct the identical because the negative wires. cite this step because the other phase because well.

4) unite the junctions together. shift the seat according ought instructions can your owner’s manual because the next step occurs beneath the seat. From one of the junctions you impartial made unite a cord ought the certain and negative terminals by twisting the exposed wires together. Wrap this connection can electric tape ought go it. cite this step because the other phase and unite the two junctions together by twisting the certain wires together and the negative wires together.

5) unite ought the force source. From this central junction unite another cord by twisting one phase ought the certain cord and the other phase ought the negative wire. Wrap these connections can electric tape. You ought now consume one cord with certain and negative sides. Loosen the bolts above the certain and negative terminals of the battery. lay the certain cord among the certain stop and the bolt head above that stop and tighten it down ought pinch the cord among the bolt and the terminal. cite this step with the negative cord and the negative terminal.

6) Button up. lay the seat back above and invent sure the electric connections you made are firm and can’t influence around. go the ignition above and step back and esteem your work.